Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Butterflies Radio @IndieViews Artist Spotlight, featuring Poeina Suddarth, 1/28/13

This week’s guest is Poeina Suddarth, whose style has been described as subdued thrasher bluegrass. Classically trained, you will hear her sing Opera in some of her songs. She is also a costume designer and filmmaker who has a story or two to tell…

According to her Reverbnation bio: "With well over 200 original songs composed throughout her life, Poeina is always well armed and ready to take the stage with operatic presence, wearing reconstructed ball gowns, Japanese maple branches in her hair, and a sexually charged banshee wailing from her soul. She will roar and lament her trials and tribulations. Then with no less control whisper and laugh beautiful lullaby’s while running the gamut of tale-telling music."

To learn more about Poeina Suddarth, go here:

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