Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Butterflies Radio @IndieViews Artist Spotlight - Big Kettle Drum - 4/2/12

" A mash up of the Black Keys and Mumford and Sons with gritty vocals and face-kicking arrangements mixed with slide guitar and banjo ripping through a wah-wah pedal. It is passionate that invokes an emotional response." - from BKD bio.

I interviewed the band just before they embarked on their Muthas and Daughters tour across Florida, which they are just now wrapping up. During the tour they also recorded a documentary, which will debut this fall at Soul Fest.

I think Big Kettle Drum are just fabulous and will be a band you will see and hear on The Grammys in the very near future. Check out the links to their stuff below. Become a fan, buy their music and watch their videos.

Here is a link to their Butterflies @IndieViews Artist Spotlight on April 7th.

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