Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Butterflies Radio IndieViews Artist Spotlight, featuring The Paper Cranes - 8/5/13

The Paper Cranes are a six person folk band from Auckland, New Zealand. I interviewed Fraser and Naomi, who started The Paper Cranes as a duo before it evolved into the full band. Their 8 month old son dropped in for the interview and Naomi, who grew up in Japan, was sweet enough to play the Shakuhachi (Japanese flute) during the interview. I learned a lot about Japanese and New Zealand culture and music during the show.

I think you will find their folk music dreamy and relaxing and you will be hypnotized by the Shakuhachi.

Paper Cranes performing 'Isolation' LIVE

Butterflies Radio IndieViews Artist Spotlight PODCAST, featuring Paper Cranes, 8/5/13

To find out more about the Paper Cranes, go here:

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