Monday, June 10, 2013

Butterflies Radio @IndieViews Artist Spotlight, featuring The Getaway Car 6/10/13

This week's guest on the Butterflies Radio @IndieViews Artist Spotlight is the five-man band out of Boise, Idaho, named The Getaway Car.

The Getaway Car, fronted by lead vocalist and songwriter, Jerry Fee, were named the MSI:Hit List Artist of the Month for May, 2013.

Their newest EP, Maps just dropped in April, 2013 and features the song SUM, which won them the title on Music Scene Investigation.

Jerry talked with me about the music scene in Idaho, having lived and worked in Nashville and how The Getaway Car make their live shows a special event for fans.

Butterflies Radio, @IndieViews Artist Spotlight PODCAST, featuring The Getaway Car, 6/10/13


Music Scene Investigation 107: May Hit List Artist of the Month - The Getaway Car


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